There’s no fault in lovin No call for shame Everyone’s heart does exactly the same And once ya believe that, you’ll learn how to say I love who I love who I love So just go and love who ya love ~ A Man of No Importance Someday I won’t have to say “gay” wedding in my blog post title.  For now, I do it to improve SEO.  I want the LGBT community to know that I photograph same sex weddings and I’m proud as hell to be a New Yorker.  Someday though, I hope, I know, that we won’t HAVE to differentiate between the two. Did I say it was a friggin’ great gay wedding?  Well it was! Seth and Jack.  Jack and Seth. The two sweetest, most sincere, lovely gentlemen.  Their marvelous wedding was held at the Rhinecliff Hotel on a very stormy day. Their guests settled outside for a beautiful wedding overlooking the Hudson River, when the clouds opened up and everyone (including this photographer) ran for cover.  The Rhinecliff Hotel quickly set up chairs on the second floor and the ceremony was re-fashioned as a indoor event.  It didn’t really matter.  Rain.  Clouds.  Wind.  The only thing I saw was the sun shining down on these two as they said their vows in front of their loving family and friends. Venue:  Rhinecliff Hotel Flowers:  Floral Fantasies by Sara Music:  JTD Productions – Michael Wilcock A very big thank you to Melissa Surprise for second shooting for me!  She just killed it! Enjoy their photos!     Suits:  JCrew Venue: Rhinecliff Hotel Rhinebeck Wedding Photographer:  Hudson River Photographer Gay Wedding in the Hudson Valley by Diane Stredicke

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