Jaimie + Meghan | Red Maple Vineyard Wedding

This gorgeous lesbian wedding at Red Maple Vineyard in West Park, New York was simply amazing. Their dresses, the flowers, the table settings. All on a beautiful night with stars above.

Red Maple Vineyard is an outstanding wedding venue. It has a huge permanent tent and floor, old stone walls, a barn, a stone shed, colorful structures on site, and, of course, a vineyard. It is absolutely stunning with so many photographic opportunities it is mind boggling!

Read what Meghan & Jaimie said about their experience with Hudson River Photographer.

“Diane is a total pro and a joy to work with. As a lesbian couple, we were looking for either a lesbian photographer or a photographer who’d shot lesbian weddings in which both brides were wearing dresses. (We weren’t interested in being put in butch-femme poses that mimic heterosexual couples’ traditional wedding shots.) With DIane, we got both. She was truly everything we were looking for—and she defied expectations.

What stood out to us in Diane’s portfolio were her candid photos—the way she captured the emotion and feeling of an event with a still image. When we look back on our photos, we can hear the music and laughter and feel the warmth and joy of the day. Diane really did an incredible job.

The day of the wedding, we were off to a bit of a late start with figuring out a two-bride first look, but Diane got everything back on track. She moved quickly and gave good direction, without being too demanding. She was assertive, but also managed to make the experience feel laid back. We were truly grateful for our moments with her away from the crowd that day. She made us laugh and helped us take a breath. But during the ceremony and reception, we barely remember seeing her, which is exactly what a good photographer does. 

Diane was also very accomodating. We have large families and wanted to do family portraits before the ceremony. Though she was initially worried about time constraints, Diane killed it. She commanded a group of 60+ people, and got every photo we asked for… and in record time. She was also willing to work with one of our mother’s, who wanted table photos. And even though it wasn’t what we hired Diane for—and it’s an outdated wedding photography practice, anyway—she did her best to get them.

Also, we highly suggest doing an engagement session. Doing that months before the wedding helped us get comfortable with Diane and with being in some intimate/awkward poses in front of a camera. By the time it came to our wedding day, we were pros—whispering “look at each other,” “look away,” “look in the distance,” “heads together,” etc. to each other, which made our portrait sessions move quickly. We couldn’t have been so prepared without Diane’s guidance at the engagement session. Also, she was willing to reschedule that shoot for us multiple times when the weather wasn’t on our side, even though she had to come from Rhinebeck to New York City for it.

We’d said if we liked two of our engagement photos, we’d be happy. We ended up “favoriting” dozens. We were blown away by how much Diane captured us, without making us look skinnier or more flawless. It was us, but the best version of us—and we were overjoyed.

The short of it is, Diane is a dream to work with and the results took our breath away. At the end of the day, you only have the memories and photos from your wedding to look back on, and they’re in the best hands with Diane. Whether you’re a gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or trans couple, you want her to capture your big day. We couldn’t recommend her enough.”