“I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you come rain or come shine
High as a mountain and deep as a river come rain or come shine…”

~ Johnny Mercer

I woke up the morning of Audris and Dennis’ wedding and like all mornings when I have a wedding, I went straight to my window to see what the weather was doing.  It had been a bleak week.  This day was no exception.  It was raining.

The wedding was scheduled to take place on top of Hunter Mountain.  Outside.  Going up ski lifts.  Oh boy.

I arrived to find Audris upset, hoping against hope that the sun would shine.  Alan, who was second shooting, said that it was pretty much the same with the guys.  Dennis was inconsolable.

The folks at Hunter Mountain were setting up the lobby at the lodge for the makeshift ceremony.  Guests were taking their seats.  Time was ticking.  And then through the clouds, came the sun.  We got the go ahead to go to the top.  Guests rallied.  One by one, they headed up the lift to the top of the mountain.  Clouds rolled in.  Fog.  It was chilly.

Then Audris, arm in arm with her mother and father, came down the aisle and all thoughts of what-would-the-weather-do faded as her beautiful smile lit up her face, and Dennis grinning ear to ear took her hands and they were married.

It was a wonderful day.

Enjoy the images!

Venue:  Coppertree at Hunter Mountain
Coordinator:  Tracy Sullivan
Dress:  Demetrios
DJ:  Uch Martin  (fantastic!)
Officiant:  Ellis Nicolson
Flowers:  Douglas Koch

Thank you Alan Abrams for helping out second shooting. Thank you to my amazing assistant Rachel who also did some great shooting that day.

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