“…there’s a blue sky where there once was fog and rain
We know each other now clear through and through
The fog has lifted what a beautiful view…”

~ Dolly Parton

Hunter Mountain can be a tricky (but exciting) place for a Fall wedding.  Having a wedding at Hunter Mountain IS about going to the top.  Hearts are set on it.  Best made plans have been laid.  But Mother Nature may have other plans for you.  Be prepared.


Hunter Mountain Wedding

Stephanie and Mike listened as Tracy (the coordinator at Hunter Mountain) gave them the weather report.  There was no way there could be a ceremony at the top.  It was raining.  Heavy fog had moved in.  And it was cold.  Everyone waited to hear the news.   The ceremony would be in the lodge.  So quickly everyone took their seat, readjusted their thinking.  And Stephanie and Mike were married with smiles and love.

Like I said.  Hearts are set on going up to the top.  This was no exception.  And, when you accept an assignment to shoot a wedding at Hunter Mountain you know that whatever you have to do, you have to go to the top, come rain or come shine.  We quickly gathered garbage bags, lens hoods, umbrellas and up we went.

Did I say it was cold.  It was.  Everyone got soaked.  The bride.  The groom.  The bridal party.  And a few hearty guests.  We cut through the fog, arriving on top to find thick, thick, fog.

We took photos as quickly as possible, descended the mountain top (can they make the lift go any faster?) and went to the party where it was warm with music and dance and flowers and food and fun.

Venue:  Coppertree | Hunter Mountain | Kaatskill Mountain Lodge
Flowers:  Douglas Koch
Dress:  Allure Couture
Band:  The Silver Arrow Band
Officiant:  Aaron Collins
Cake:  Lulu Custom Cake Boutique

Thank you to Rachel Collet who did some second shooting with me and Caleb Lococo who braved going to the top with me and worked our photo booth!

Enjoy the photos.

Hunter Mountain Wedding

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