Diane Stredicke Photographer

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”
Diane Arbus

I’ve been a storyteller and lover of stories most of my life.

Photo by Diane's dad.

Diane Stredicke


Diane Stredicke

Growing up in a suburb of Seattle, my childhood was a typical middle class suburban existence. My bike was my horse, my street was my playground, my friends were the characters in my stories.

I moved to New York with a degree in Theater & Graphic Design, studied film at NYU. I’ve worked with film editors, directors and writers, designed websites for non-profits and Fortune 500 companies. I’ve spent my life working on story and design.

Ten years ago I moved from Brooklyn to Rhinebeck, NY. I shifted gears and starting photographing weddings. I live on 3 acres with my wife and our two rescues: Zoey & Fig.

Things i love:

My wife, my dogs, the movies, ukuleles, cherry pie, bird watching, a first snow, a California sunset, browsing at a local bookshop.

Hobbies: Making birdhouses, building ukuleles (well trying anyway!) and learning the banjo.



wilLful, determined, loyal

My sidekick for the last 15 years. A rescue from Armonk, NY.

Things fig loves:

mornings, greenies, belly rubs, soaking up the sun in the grass, chicken

Zoey one of my dogs that works with me


playful, sweet, affectionate

She joined our family 9 years ago. She's a rescue from Red Hook, NY.

Things Zoey loves:

a run in a wide open field, rolling in manure, food, belly rubs, sitting on your lap, digging holes

What do I love at a wedding?

1. Genuine moments

2. Couples who are not afraid to ugly cry

3. Guests who are present and not on instagram

4. A crazy-ass good band or DJ

5. Working with amazing wedding planners

6. Touches that are unique and meaningful to you

7. Dogs


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