Same Sex Wedding Photography


We photograph all weddings including all LGTBQ weddings.  We unequivocally support marriage equality.  We celebrate that gays and lesbians now have the right to celebrate their unions across the United States.

We have photographed many LGTBQ weddings over the years.

  • In 2011, Cynthia and Dana’s wedding was featured in
  • In 2012 our wedding photography work was featured generously in print and promotion for the best selling book, “The New Art of Capturing Love” by Thea Dodds and Kathryn Hamm.  The wedding of Seth and Jack was featured on the cover of the book!

The New Art of Capturing Love from Forget Me Not Media on Vimeo.

  • In 2012, Susan & Jana’s wedding was featured in several online blogs including A Bicycle Built for Two and
  • In 2014, we were thrilled when Bride’s Magazine featured Geo & Jay’s amazing Roundhouse at Beacon Hills wedding in both print and online.
  • In 2014, featured Jordan & Chris’ wedding at Grasmere Farm in Rhinebeck, NY.

    Our weddings continue to be featured in, and many others.

Being a gay wedding photographer in new york!

When I started photographing weddings in 2009, the question of whether to be out as a wedding photographer was still a scary proposition. Wedding photographers everywhere were discussing the merits and pitfalls of showing gay couples in a wedding photographer’s portfolio, let alone coming out to your couples if you were a LGTBQ photographer.

When I met Dana and Cynthia at my studio in 2009, to discuss their wedding plans, I knew that I had no choice but to leap forward and create a business that not only embraced same sex weddings, but actively promoted gay weddings as a speciality. I was incredibly proud to show Dana and Cynthia’s amazing wedding in my portfolio.

New York, of course, did pass the Marriage Equality Act. I am so pleased that a huge portion of my business comes from Gay and Lesbian couples.  Love is love.  My straight couples love the photos of my gay couples and vice-versa!   What they all see in the images is love, family and authenticity.

I am often asked if photographing gay weddings is different than photographing straight weddings.  The answer is not really and yes.

The biggest thing is to not assume anything about the wedding day (but hey, I don’t think we should assume anything about anyone’s wedding day!)  My couples tend to be independent thinkers. Original, one of a kind weddings are my thing, gay or straight.

In 2013, I married my partner of 20 years. Our families came to celebrate with us and it was truly an amazing day.






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