ABOUTNew York Wedding Photographer Diane Stredicke


Your wedding photographer is the one wedding vendor that you hire, who will spend pretty much the whole day with you.  It’s good to know a little bit about them.  This is just a start.  Let’s get the conversation going…



Hudson River Photographer is me, Diane Stredicke.

My last name is pronounced STRED • i (the i sounds like the i in itch) • KEY (like the one you open doors with).

The other two mugshots are my workmates: Zoey & Fig.

Don’t worry, I don’t bring them to weddings!

They sit by my side everyday as I work on your images. Around noon, they ask me to take them for a walk or give them a bone or play tug-of-war. At 4:30 on the dot, Fig squeezes herself under my desk and starts climbing up my knees. It’s dinner time. It’s the same time everyday.



  • Everyone has the right to get married.
  • Beautiful wedding photographs show love, emotion, and are not posed.
  • Great portraits start with a connection.
  • Weddings say something special about the couple getting married.
  • Everyone is beautiful on their wedding day.
  • I will tell your story the way I see it.
  • My images will be authentically you.



  • She’s from Seattle… okay Renton, Washington to be exact.
  • She loves eyewear. #warbyparker #swissoptics #oliverpeoples
  • She is a serious movie buff.
  • She loves 10 best lists.
  • She wrote a horror screenplay. #letsmaketheorchard
  • She loves popcorn, red vines. She does not like Twizzlers. #redvinesbeattwizzlersanyday
  • She made an award winning documentary film about garage sales.
  • She can’t imagine living in a household without a dog.
  • She loves craft beer.
  • She once delivered pizzas for Dominos.
  • Brooklyn will always feel like home.