Hudson River Photographer is me, Diane Stredicke.

My last name is pronounced STRED • i (the i sounds like the i in itch) • KEY (like the one you open doors with).

The other two mugshots are my workmates:  Zoey & Fig.  Don’t worry, I don’t bring them to weddings!

They sit by my side everyday as I work on your images.  Around noon, they ask me to take them for a walk or give them a bone or play tug-of-war.  At 4:30 on the dot, Fig squeezes herself under my desk and starts climbing up my knees. It’s dinner time. It’s the same time everyday.




  • Everyone has the right to get married.
  • Beautiful wedding photographs show love, emotion, and are not posed.
  • Great portraits start with a connection.
  • Weddings say something special about the couple getting married.  That should be unique.
  • Everyone is beautiful on their wedding day.
  • I will tell your story the way I see it.
  • My images will be authentically you.




  • She’s from Seattle… okay Renton, Washington to be exact.
  • She loves eyewear. #warbyparker #swissoptics #oliverpeoples
  • She is a serious movie buff.
  • She loves 10 best lists.
  • She wrote a horror screenplay. #letsmaketheorchard
  • She loves popcorn, red vines.  She does not like Twizzlers.  #redvinesbeattwizzlersanyday
  • Her favorite singer is Aimee Mann. It used to be Laurie Anderson.  Though right now she is listening to Blossom Dearie.
  • She made an award winning documentary film about garage sales.
  • She can’t imagine living in a household without a dog.
  • She loves craft beer.
  • She once delivered pizzas for Dominos.
  • Brooklyn will always feel like home.
  • Her favorite city (after NYC) is Paris.
  • She likes playing ping pong.
  • She loves to binge watch tv shows….